Endoline enjoys close relationships with many leading companies within the packaging industry, as it recognises the mutual benefits to be had from sharing specialist knowledge in order to deliver the best solutions to customers, whether they wish to buy a complete system or just to know that the individual components within their system are compatible with each other and the materials to be used.

Endoline works only in partnership with machinery companies that share its view of supplying class-leading equipment backed up by a professional attitude to customer support. Among the many partnerships, two stand out as being particularly significant for the way in which they compliment the respective capabilities of each company.


Endoline Machinery has formed an alliance with Pacepacker Services to form a new brand – E-Pac. This new brand brings together the key expertise from both companies to provide fully automatic case packing systems without compromise.

Encompassing Endoline’s specialism in designing and manufacturing case erecting and sealing systems with Pacepacker’s wide range of pick and place automation options, the two award winning companies have come together to ‘bridge the gap’ by offering fully automated single-source systems.

Each enquiry will be handled individually and systems will not simply be bolted together, but a unique solution will be created for each customer. The full line will be designed and manufactured at the Endoline site with full collaboration from Pacepacker to design and specify the best pick and place handler to suit the specific needs of the application.

Along with an automated tailor made flexible solution, customers can expect a return on their investment with 12-24 months.