Endoline specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality end of line packaging machinery. For over 40 years Endoline’s business has developed from designing and manufacturing small case taping machines to its position today as a leading UK manufacturer and worldwide supplier of end-of-line packaging machines and systems.

Endoline’s range of machinery includes case erectors, case sealers, conveyor systems, case loaders and hand-packing stations. Endoline specialises in producing machines that deliver the lowest cost of ownership in a wide range of applications from simple semi-automatic machines through to fully automatic customised systems.

  • Case Erectors

    Endoline’s extensive range of case erecting machinery is unrivalled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability. From entry level, semi-automatic machines, to high speed, fully-automatic systems, there is a suitable machine for any throughput or budget.

  • Case Sealers

    Endoline design and manufacture a range of high specification case sealers to increase the productivity and efficiency of any case sealing operation. Pre-set or random case sealers are available in semi-automatic or fully-automatic models. Endoline supply case sealer machines to seal the case with either hot melt glue or self-adhesive tape.

  • Case Loaders

    Incorporating either a customer specific designed manual packing station, or a fully automatic pick and place solution, Endoline can carefully craft each case loading line to suit the specific application, product weight, budget, and speed requirements. With both low and high speed solutions available, Endoline have the flexibility to combine any of its case erecting or case sealing machinery with a case loading system to offer customers a fully integrated service.

  • Special Systems

    Any of Endoline’s machines can be modified to suit a specific application, from cases outside the standard size range to specific requested components. Endoline’s engineering expertise can look at any request for an application to help meet your requirement.

  • Worldwide Distribution

    Endoline have an extensive distributor network of highly skilled partners to provide machinery, full support and services worldwide. Sales and service teams are trained by Endoline experts to ensure that quality is maintained wherever the machine is installed across the globe.

Quality & Performance

The Endoline System range of machinery delivers serious performance and is unrivalled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability, which combine to reinforce Endoline’s position as the first choice for your packaging automation needs. By using Endoline you are getting:

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • UK leading manufacturer of a Case Erecting and Sealing equipment.
  • High quality, reliability and performance.
  • Low cost of ownership throughout the life of the system.
  • Turnkey service and non-standard solutions.
  • Endoline tried and tested design philosophy.
  • A well-established market leader & its sales, service & design support staff.
  • Wide range of support services that ensure the maximum return on investment is delivered through long-term relationships.


What others say about us

“Endoline were a pleasure to deal with, a family run business building machines to customer specification right here in the UK. The purchase was made simple by James Saywell and any concerns we had with the line installation were quickly rectified. The build quality is excellent and the whole line performs just as you’d expect. The 221 & 602 ensures Hobbs stays in line with current technology in terms of packing our goods for despatch in the most economical way, whilst also reducing the repetitive motions our staff must perform throughout their day to day”.

“We purchased an Endoline 221 Case Erector and 613 Auto Sealer to close and top seal our packed cases and have since been very impressed with the installation and smooth operation of the machinery. It has become an asset to our end-of-line production, improving the efficiency and speed with which we can pack and the appearance of the finished boxes”.

“As a long-term customer of Endoline, we operate both Case Erectors and Random Case Sealers on site that have proven to be reliable and efficient. We continue to return to Endoline because of the outstanding service and support we receive from them here in the UK and the consistent, reliable performance of the machinery”.

“We have been Endoline’s sole Scottish Sales and Service representatives for more than 40 productive years. From initial humble beginnings supplying Case Sealers to more recent fully automatic Robotic Case Packing Systems. Throughout the 40 years, Endoline have been the most trusted of suppliers, providing 1st class solutions, manufacturing excellent equipment and excellent after sales backup – spare parts and assistance. We are proud to be associated with a company of Endoline’s stature”.