To meet the ever growing demand for fully automated end of line systems, which increasingly require robotic solutions, Endoline Machinery Ltd has created a sister company called Endoline Robotics Limited (ERL) while also forging a strategic partnership with Fanuc Robotics.

The move is designed to reinforce Endoline’s reputation as a provider of case erecting and sealing automation and, through the strength of the Fanuc brand, the company will now manage the installation of robotic palletising systems under the umbrella of ERL.

“Our ability to engineer customised, fully automatic case erecting and sealing solutions underpins our reputation in the market,” says Andrew Yates, MD of ERL.

“Through our relationship with leading global food manufacturers we have become increasingly aware of the demand for robotic integration, particularly as companies move away from using manual labour.


“The decision to partner with Fanuc and launch a sister company dedicated to robotic palletising equipment, illustrates a progressive period in our almost 40 year history,” he continues. “While we have developed the company and built up a solid export business, we are committed to the UK and creating solutions which directly meet our customers needs.”


Automatic palletizing with a state-of-the-art modern robotic systems capable of covering simultaneously up to 5 production lines for different types of packaging, providing highly accurate pallet loading and reduced maintenance requirements.

Complete system approach providing safety during the palletizing operation and also transportation of the ready pallets.

Automatic pallet stretch wrapping for extra security and automatic label printing and application for traceability.

  • Low cost of ownership

    Endoline Robotics palletizing systems are designed to give you the best possible value for your investment through maximum productivity with minimal stoppage time. All Endoline’s machines are built for 24/7 operation and require little maintenance offering a long life expectancy resulting in a low cost of ownership.

  • Versatile

    A palletizing system can be programmed to handle multiple infeeds of different SKUs on the same line. Vision systems can be used to send information to the robot so it can pick and place different SKUs on different pallets.  Different end of arm tooling offers great flexibility to handle multiple types of products at a time, regardless of their shape – this includes cases, bags, pails, bottles, plastic containers.

  • Adaptable

    Robotic palletizer can handle one or more units at a time according to pallet configuration, and forms multiple layers on a pallet after picking the products off of a conveyor. Robotic palletizing solutions can easily accommodate different pallet patterns and product types. It’s easy to add new products and patterns.

  • Easy to operate

    All solutions are designed with clear access, simple controls and quick to adjust to size changes. The systems are operator friendly and allow for quick and easy size change, cleaning and maintenance to ensure minimal down time.

  • Strong and fast

    Robotic palletizer can handle up to 1000 kg. Palletizing rates can vary anywhere from 8 to 30 cases/min for a single robot picking a single product at a time depending on stacking patterns, requirements, and even higher throughput if the robot is picking rows of product, or full layer of products.

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