Continued success of Endoline Automation’s export division

Endoline Automation is continuing to storm the international market with further plans to grow the company’s global reach throughout 2024.


At the height of the 2008 financial crisis, Endoline turned its attention to exporting to counteract the downturn in the UK economy. Now, following 15 years of significant growth within overseas markets, sales from the exporting arm of the Bedfordshire-based company surpassed expectations in 2023, with 60% of all orders going to international countries.

With a current presence in over 30 countries, either through its global distributor network or through selling directly to customers, plans are now underway to increase Endoline’s foothold in key territories including the US, Germany, and the Middle East.

Key appointments will also be made this year within the export team, giving International Sales Manager, James Ramsay, more time to travel and nurture distributor and customer relationships.

Key to Endoline’s exporting prowess has been the company’s ability to engineer systems with technical design components that directly meet the specific needs of customers. Approximately 70-80% of all global orders are specialised systems and this has led to the development of pioneering new machines – leading to significant success.

Most notable is Endoline’s award-winning 744 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer which can seal a wide range of case sizes at high speed and is the fastest random sealer on the global market. Originally designed and manufactured in 2013 for a global snacks manufacturer in Australia, Endoline has subsequently sold almost £4 million worth of random systems worldwide – with approximately 90% of these systems going to export markets.

“Exporting plays a significant role within our company,” comments Endoline Automation’s Managing Director, Andrew Yates. “As a proud British manufacturer, our ability to design and engineer high-quality end-of-line systems from our UK factory has underpinned our success and we have been able to support global manufacturers in improving their end-of-line packaging processes.

From the outset, our exporting strategy has remained consistent, and we continually strive to offer our customers the best possible solution as their needs continue to evolve while empowering and supporting our growing network of distribution partners.”

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