Coronavirus Statement

In light of recent requests for information on Endoline’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak we are detailing below the actions being taken.

In these challenging times we may all find our services and supplies being interrupted. However Endoline have already put into place numerous actions and precautions. For example;

  • The Company has been divided into two teams which do not overlap, thereby minimising the onward transmission within the Company. This is combined with home-working for a number of employees.
  • The Company has refused entry to our premises for all visitors.
  • No contractors have been engaged.
  • Goods delivery personnel are not permitted on the premise. All deliveries are handled off-site and extra hygiene procedures are in place for employees accepting deliveries.
  • Increased hygiene standards have been introduced i.e. hand sanitisers, alcohol wipes, no hand-shaking policy, hand-washing monitoring.
  • The Company is in discussions with financial providers should our smaller, more vulnerable, suppliers need our support.
  • Multinational suppliers have assured Endoline of continuity of supply.
  • Sales and service engineers are abiding by customer hygiene standards and visiting protocols.
  • All entrances to the Company are permanently locked and barriers placed in office space.

Endoline’s sales and technical support is uninterrupted and still available during normal working hours.

Endoline will do all it can to ensure the safety of its employees and that business will continue.

Clearly there are numerous restrictions on activity and hence the speed of response and service may be affected but the Company will strive to satisfy its demands as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kind regards,

Andrew Yates
Sales Director

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