Endoline Automation to showcase eco-friendly sealing solutions at PPMA 2022

At PPMA 2022 (Stand D50) Endoline Automation will highlight the sustainable features of its end-of-line packaging systems, and eco-friendly sealing options in a bid to support manufacturers who are seeking packaging machinery which will aid net zero objectives.

Responding to calls for sustainable sealing solutions which reduce the use of plastic, Endoline will showcase its 248 Fully Automatic High Speed Case Erector, which has been engineered to seal cases with hot melt glue rather than tape.

While utilising glue sealing alternatives can significantly reduce plastic consumption for manufactures, it also helps drive down material waste as 2 square inches of adhesive glue will close an average size box compared with over 200 square inches of tape.

Further responding to demands to create eco-friendly sealing solutions, Endoline will also highlight recyclable Kraft tape as an additional eco-friendly sealing alternative.

The British manufacturer, who has been creating end-of-line machinery solutions for over 40 years, will also demonstrate the eco credentials across its case erecting and sealing system ranges. Including power saving features which reduce energy consumption, and the use of servo drives to significantly drive down noise emissions whilst only using power while operating.

“We are seeing growing calls from customers for OEMs to demonstrate their sustainable credentials, and this is driving innovation in the packaging machinery space,” comments Andrew Yates, Managing Director of Endoline Automation.

“While our systems have been re-engineered over the years to reduce energy consumption and cut emissions to support the environmental objectives of our customers, we are looking at ways to help them decrease plastic use and waste even further by offering eco-friendly sealing alternatives.”

To see the glue sealing 248 Fully Automatic High Speed Case Erector in operation and understand how Endoline Automation can support a manufacturer’s sustainability drives visit Stand D50.

Endoline has engineered its 248 Fully Automatic High Speed Case Erector to seal cases with hot melt glue rather than tape


Endoline offer glue sealing alternatives that can significantly reduce plastic consumption for manufactures

Now Extended: Tape Unit Offer 2022

Due to popular demand we have now extended this offer until 31 July 2022!

From 1st June to the 31st July 2021 Endoline Automation is offering up to 30% off 5055

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Coming Soon – Tape Unit Offer – June 2022

From 1st to the 30th June 2022 Endoline Automation is offering up to 30% off 5055 tape units.

RRP price per 5055 tape unit £673.77

Endoline June 2022 offer*

£572.70 – for 1 tape unti (15% off)
£539.02 – for 2-3 tape units (20% off)
£471.64 – for 4 or more tape units (30% off)

Please call or email to place your order from 1st June 2022:

+44 (0)1767 316422

*please be aware this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts. Order lead times will be confirmed once an order is placed.

Endoline Automation partners with SERPAC to increase presence in France

Endoline Automation, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of end-of-line packaging machines has announced an exciting new French distributor partnership with SERPAC.

The agreement will see SERPAC manage the distribution of Endoline Automation’s system solutions across France and meet the country’s growing need for automation.

A well-established company, SERPAC offers innovative machines and solutions for some of the largest global brands, mainly in the food and cosmetic industries, working with high quality capital equipment manufacturers.

With a huge customer base in France, SERPAC has developed particular expertise within the snacks sector of the food market.

A British manufacturer with over 40 years of engineering expertise, Endoline Automation has a long established reputation for engineering high quality case erecting and case sealing machinery. Significantly, Endoline’s engineering capabilities enables them to customise systems, incorporating technical design components, to meet the specific needs of its global customer base.

With a presence in over 20 countries, through direct customer sales and distributor relationships, Endoline’s partnership with SERPAC is underpinned by the reputation both companies have within the snacks industry. “For many years, Endoline has worked with globally renowned snack manufacturers, setting new standards in end-of-line machinery design to meet the packaging needs of this fast paced sector,” comments James Ramsay, Endoline Automation’s Export Sales Manager.

“We are delighted to announce this new relationship with SERPAC as they complement our expertise, particularly within the snacks market, and we hope to be able to increase our presence within France with them.”

The acceleration of end-of-line packaging automation over the last decade had led SERPAC to investigate the best solution to link our presence in the food market with the control of end-of-line equipment,” comments SERPAC’s Alain Copigny. “The decision of SERPAC and ENDOLINE to cooperate perfectly meets the requirement to offer a complete range of case erecting, packing, taping and/or gluing equipment, and listen to the real needs of each customer in order to provide an individualised solution. Working with Endoline, we are perfectly equipped to assert these points.”

Leading UK arts and crafts supplier meets volume increase with Endoline systems

Endoline Automation has supported the growth of a leading UK supplier of arts and crafts following a growth in demand during the pandemic.

Co-founded in 1974, Baker Ross supplies arts & crafts, educational and fundraising products to schools, playgroups and organisations across the UK. The company offers over 3,000 items through its website and catalogue, which are packaged up and shipped from its head office in Harlow, Essex.

Endoline Automation originally supported Baker Ross when they automated their end of line packaging production back in 2018. Due to the large range of case sizes Baker Ross packs, Endoline recommended the installation of its 225 Fully Automatic Case Erector and its 714 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer.

Boxes are formed on the 225 and then taken off around the warehouse for orders to be picked and packed into. The random sized boxes are then hand fed into the 714, which automatically adjusts itself to the box size being presented to it.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Baker Ross experienced a rise in orders being sent out directly to end users at home rather than to schools and clubs, so the volume of boxes needing to be packed increased with over 1.2 million boxes despatched in 2021.

When Baker Ross moved to a new, larger facility to accommodate growth, they took the 225 and 714 machines with them and approached Endoline for two further machines to help them manage the increased volume.

This time, Endoline recommended the installation of its 221 Fully Automatic Case Erector dedicated to forming Baker Ross’ higher volume, smaller cases. Running at speeds of 12 cases per minute, the 221 feeds into Endoline’s 7048 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer via a new conveyor.

Working alongside the hand fed 714, the 7048 automatically accept cases from the new conveyor and automatically closes and seals cases at a speed of 12 per minute without operator intervention. Very lightweight cases are diverted to the hand-fed 714.

“We have been using Endoline as our preferred partner for the past 3 years and have their Case Erector and Case Sealer,” comments John Hurdle, Warehouse Operations Director for Baker Ross. “We recently moved to much bigger premises and as a result of a growth in business and customer demand, we found ourselves in need of additional systems. Our colleagues have found the equipment easy to operate and I am very happy with the service we receive. We would not hesitate in recommending them as a supplier to any business who is looking to streamline labour costs and improving production speed.”

Endoline Automation’s end of line packaging solutions have supported the growth of Baker Ross

With people at home during the lockdowns, demand for arts and crafts soared


Endoline Automation helps SME cut packing time by 40%

An SME, who witnessed a significant increase in sales during the Covid lockdown, has reported a 40% reduction in packing time due to the installation of a case erector and case sealer by Endoline Automation, enabling them to expand their business.

The company, which was founded four years ago, laser engraves gifts which are sold via its website. Faced with an unprecedented rise in demand during the first Covid lockdown, and a reduction in manual staff due to restrictions, the company was managing 200 orders a day which involved erecting, packing, and sealing cases by hand.

The spokesperson for the company, comments: “It was a laborious, time consuming job and with just one or two members of staff working at any one time, there was a risk of RSI. In addition, running this process manually for long spells would inevitably lead to human error and, as a gift business, we needed to ensure that the quality of our work was reflected in the presentation of the box.”

Taking the decision to make its first step into automation, the company contacted Endoline who recommended the installation of its 102 Semi-Automatic Case Erector, and its 714 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer.

Since 70% of the company’s business is engraved bottles, Endoline’s 102 Case Erector was the ideal solution as it can be set at an angled position for ease of packing unstable products into cases. The cases are formed on the machine, packed, and then pushed through to the 714 case sealer which can seal cases of different dimensions in any order with no manual adjustment.

Endoline Automation also worked with the company to change the orientation of the boxes to open lengthways for ease of forming, packing, and sealing. According to the company by automating the process, they have almost halved the time it takes to erect, pack, and seal the cases.

Currently, the company has four different case sizes running on the machines, but the installation of Endoline’s equipment has enabled them to increase both the case sizes and throughput. “Endoline talked us through the entire process to ensure that our needs were met, and that the solution they recommended would support us well into the future.

 By automating, we now have the confidence to increase our business, and are pursuing options to sell our products through Amazon and eBay,” the spokesperson concluded.

“Endoline are synonymous with creating high, quality customised equipment but we also work very closely with SME’s to help them take that first step into automation, supporting them as their business grow,” comments Mark Budd, Sales Manager for Endoline Automation.

The company has cut packing time of its laser engraved gifts by 40% by automating its end of line packaging operation.


Endoline’s 102 Case Erector can be set at an angled position for ease of packing unstable products into cases.


Endoline’s 714 case sealer can seal cases of different dimensions in any order with no manual adjustment.

Endoline MD, Andrew Yates, joins the PPMA Board

Endoline Automation’s Managing Director, Andrew Yates, has been appointed to the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association’s (PPMA) Board of Directors.

Andrew was named as one of four new board director appointments during the PPMA’s December board meeting. Consisting of 10 directors, the PPMA board is responsible for developing products and services which benefit its 520+ member companies.

Endoline has had a long relationship with the PPMA. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021, the company has been an enthusiastic PPMA member for over 25 years and Alan Yates, Endoline’s Chairman and Andrew’s father, served as the longest running PPMA Chair.

Commenting on his appointment Andrew said: “I am delighted to have been accepted onto the PPMA Board of Directors. Endoline has been a staunch supporter of the PPMA and what it provides its members for decades. Through this position I hope to bring new ideas to the table which will help steer the association into the future, while taking inspiration from my fellow board directors.”  

Each PPMA director has a functional role for which they are responsible for, and Andrew will be working alongside the publishing team.

PPMA comments “We are delighted Andrew has been voted, by the membership, to join the Board of Directors. We look forward to the positive contributions, ideas, and enthusiasm he will bring to future developments, strategy, and services the PPMA offers to all its member companies.” 

Andrew Yates, Endoline Automation MD, has been appointed to the PPMA Board of Directors

Endoline Machine Still Going Strong Almost 30 Years and 15 Million Cookie Boxes Later

Signalling machinery longevity and customer loyalty, Endoline Automation, together with distributor Ferag, is set to install its sixth end-of-line packaging machine into a leading snack producer in Belgium – almost 30 years after the first machines.

The first end-of-line systems, which were installed almost three decades ago in 1994, are still in operation within the factory of Vermeiren Princeps today, erecting and sealing almost 15 million boxes of cookies in that time.

The baking roots of the Vermeiren family can be traced back to the 17th Century. In addition to bread, they were famous for their speculoos cookies and in 1919 the family carved out a new brand, ‘Vermeiren Speculoos’ solely specialising in the creation and supply of these cookies.

In its current form, NV Vermeiren Princeps, was established in 1947. As a successful SME located within the municipality of Bornem, Belgian, Vermeiren Princeps has continually invested in dynamic product development and today produces a caramalised biscuit range in addition to cookies and paste.

Each year the company’s two fully-automatic baking lines, overseen by 30 employees, bake up to 3,000 tonnes of its caramelised biscuits. Half are marketed under the Vermeiren label, while the other half are packaged under a private label and sold throughout Belgium and internationally. Individually packaged biscuits are supplied in various flavours to hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Ahead of its time, Vermeiren Princeps has been incorporating automated processing and packaging lines into its facility for several decades, however first and foremost is the integrity and quality of its brand.

“Vermeiren Princeps’ objectives to automation were to increase production output while lowering costs and improving the quality of the packaged product,” comments Sylvie Laigneil, Managing Director of Ferag Belgium NV, the long-standing Belgium distributor for Endoline Automation. “While keen to integrate new automated solutions, the company did not want to compromise on the heritage of its brand which is synonomous with creating quality, traditional biscuits.”

Testament to the quality and longevity of Endoline Automation’s machines, Ferag installed the Endoline 702 Fully Automatic Pre-Set Case Sealer and the 211 Fully Automatic Case Erector back in 1994. “These machines are still operating well and work across Vermeiren Princeps’ full product range,” comments Sylvie.

In the intervening years, Vermeiren Princeps has installed several more Endoline case erectors and case sealers as demand for their products has increased. Last year they installed a 607 Fully Automatic Pre-Set Case Sealer and a sixth Endoline machine – a 223 Fully Automatic Case Erector – is set to be installed this year.

“Vermeiren Princeps was our first Endoline customer back in 1994. The fact that they contine to order Endoline systems from us is reflective of the build quality and reliability of the machinery.”

“Our customer has reported that the machines are compact, easy to handle and extremley reliable.”

The Endoline 702 Fully Automatic Pre-Set Case Sealer was one of the first systems installed within Vermeiren Princeps back in 1994


Endoline’s systems have erected and sealed over 15 million boxes of biscuits since 1994

Saving the bacon – Endoline helps Beckett’s Foods drive up efficiency

Endoline Automation has helped increase efficiency for a leading supplier of bacon, by replacing seven of its legacy case taping systems like for like.

Producing over a 1,000 tonnes of bacon products each week, Beckett’s Foods Ltd supplies the food service and retail industries. A long established customer of Endoline Automation, the company invested in several 706 semi-automatic pre-set case taping machines almost two decades ago.

Due to the longevity of Endoline’s systems, Beckett’s Foods only made the decision to upgrade the case sealing machinery earlier this year. They immediately turned to Endoline who, due to the high quality of its legacy equipment, exchanged the older 706 machines for newer models.

“We have always been impressed with the quality of the Endoline systems, and, despite operating continuously for over 15 years, the machinery had only recently begun to cause downtime,” comments Diane Lumley, Head of Operations for Beckett’s Foods. “Replacing the systems like for like was the obvious solution as we wouldn’t switch to another brand.”

With full traceability and hygiene levels, Beckett’s Foods works to the highest criteria set out by the BRC. Consequently, Endoline constructed the 706 machines in stainless steel integrated with IP65 motors and controls to protect them from water ingress during washdown.

The new, 706 systems were installed to work across seven packing lines within Beckett’s Foods’ Coventry factory. On each line, manual workers fill cases with bacon products before pushing each case through the 706 machine which simultaneously tapes both the bottom and the top. Depending on the customer order, up to 15 types of cases are selected by the packer, but the Endoline machines are easily adjustable to cope with the size changes.

Each 706 system within Beckett’s Foods has an output of around five cases of bacon products per minute. With each case containing between 5 and 24 packs of bacon products, this equates to approximately 10,000 packs per hour.

“The staff working on the line are delighted with the investment in the new machines, it’s definitely boosted morale as the lines are now running much more efficiently.” Diane concludes.

Becketts produce over 1,000 tonnes of bacon and gammon products a week.


Endoline Automation has installed seven, stainless steel 706 semi-automatic pre-set case taping machines within Becketts factory.

Endoline’s case sealing solution for Kirsty’s free-from ready meal brand

Endoline Automation has installed a 610, Semi-Automatic Pre-Set Case Sealer within free-from ready meal brand, Kirsty’s, brand new factory.

In what is believed to be the first dedicated allergen-free ready meal factory, Kirsty’s ready meals are sold throughout supermarkets in the UK. Moving into the Yorkshire based factory – which has the capacity to produce 20 million meals a year – in 2020, the company contacted Endoline to help begin the automation process.

Built to a compact footprint, the simple to operate, 610 semi-automatic pre-set case sealer simultaneously tapes the top and bottom of a filled case.

Suitable for long production runs of the same case size, the 610 automates what is usually a labour-intensive operation and offers an entry level step into automation.

Providing automation for companies around the world, from large blue-chip organisations to SME’s, Endoline Automation’s flexible, high-spec solutions can be customised to meet a company’s exact needs.

610 – Semi-Automatic Pre-set Case Taper