Tape Unit Offer – June 2021

From 1st to the 30th June 2021 Endoline Automation is offering up to 30% off 5055 tape units.

RRP price per 5055 tape unit £611

Endoline June 2021 offer*

£519.40 – for 1 tape unit (15% off)
£488.80 – for 2-3 tape units (20% off)
£427.70 – for 4 or more tape units (30% off)

Please call or email to place your order:

+44 (0)1767 316422

*please be aware this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts. Order lead times will be confirmed once an order is placed.

Endoline’s Tray Erecting solution helps pouch packer meet shelf-ready retail demand

Endoline Automation has re-engineered its Tray Erector to enable a supplier of food pouches to major supermarket chains form non-standard sized, shelf-ready trays.

The customer, a global leader in the packing of food products into resealable pouches, was looking to automate the labour-intensive process of erecting up to 10,000 trays a week.

Packing a leading baby food brand into pouches, they required a system which could manage the construction of both standard, and taller sided trays – in a bid to meet retail demand for trays which could be transferred directly from a pallet onto a supermarket shelf.

Due to the height of the baby food pouches, they were unstable within standard sized trays and made unpacking and shelf presentation inherently difficult.

The first, standard sized tray had four sides of equal height and was fitted with RRP pouch pack units to hold the products in place. The non-standard sized, taller tray featured three higher sides, with a shallow front for full product visibility.

Endoline, working with long-standing Scottish distributor, Murray Packaging, modified the tooling on the 501 Tray Erecting system to manage the forming of both tray sizes.

Rigid in construction, due to the use of corrugated board, the trays also featured printed branding so accurate and reliable forming was needed to ensure product presentation was maintained.

Using a hot melt glue to seal and secure the trays efficiently, the 501 Tray Erector is now forming up to 25 trays per minute for the company. Offering 24/7 operation, the 501 has been programmed for ease of tray size changeover, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

“Endoline’s Tray Erector has the capability of handling trays of varying sizes,” comments Ian Murray, Murray Packaging, “however, this was a new tray size which had been created to suit the pouches. As with all customised Endoline systems, the design team and engineers worked to create a solution for the customer. They are very happy with the tray erector, which is now seamlessly forming 7,000 of the taller, non-standard trays every week along with the standard trays.”

Endoline Automation re-engineered its 501 Tray Erector to manage both standard and non-standard sized tray

The non-standard sized, taller tray was designed for shelf ready products

Endoline Automation’s 501 Tray Erector runs at 25 trays per minute


Endoline Automation appoints new Export Sales Manager

James Ramsay has joined Endoline Automation as Export Sales Manager.

With a strong presence in over 30 countries, Endoline Automation has been engineering end-of-line automated solutions for globally renowned manufacturers within international territories for over a decade.

Bringing a wealth of experience in managing European business relations to the role, James is set to maximise the potential of Endoline’s existing distributor partnerships, and forge new ones.

Focusing on previously un-tapped territories which are fiercely competitive in end-of-line packaging machinery, including France and Germany, James will promote the high-quality build of Endoline Automation’s case erecting and case sealing machinery.

Joining Endoline from induction cap sealing specialist, Enercon Industries Ltd, James has worked across the processing and packaging line and was familiar with the Endoline brand before joining the company in March.

James comments: “I am delighted to join Endoline Automation as I have been aware of the great reputation of the company for some time. They have achieved great success on an international level, and I look forward to building upon this and maximising their potential.”