Endoline upgrades flagship sealer to help manufacturers meet efficiency goals

In a direct bid to offer customers greater energy efficiency, Endoline Machinery have re-engineered one of its flagship random case sealers with a linear actuator system, reducing air consumption, which could ultimately reduce running costs and significantly cut a manufacturer’s carbon footprint and noise emission.

Over recent years, manufactures have significantly increased their investment in end-of-line automation. And these companies are now looking to extract every ounce of reliability and efficiency out of these turnkey lines, ensuring they deliver top performance at the lowest possible cost.

Continually evaluating every component of its systems, Endoline replaced pneumatic components on its 734 high speed random case sealer with servo driven linear actuators to reduce pneumatic supply demands. “In its old format, the 734 could consume up to 390 litres of air per minute.” Explains Keith Habben, Engineering Manager at Endoline Machinery. “When the system was first launched in 2003, it was commonly installed as a stand-alone machine. However, with manufacturers now integrating other systems to create fully turnkey lines, the requirements for overall air consumption can significantly increase and consequently, air supply and noise levels will also rise.”

Commonly driven by motors, pneumatic compressors need to run continually, consuming energy and air even when the machine is stationery. When additional machinery is added to the line, also requiring air, the pressure fluctuations can also have a detrimental effect on reliability and efficiency of the whole production line. By replacing the core pneumatic components on its 734 with the servo driven linear actuators, Endoline are set to help manufacturers reduce running costs and noise emissions significantly.

Installed within almost 100 factories globally, the high speed, fully automatic, 734 sealer can seal up to 20 random cases per minute, and is a widely respected addition to many automated lines on a snack food manufacturer’s factory floor.

Endoline upgraded a 734 machine on site at Bird Bros, a national distributor of eggs, 12 months ago in a bid to improve performance and record the improvements to line efficiency. With a weekly output of 3 million eggs, Bird Bros installed a state-of-the-art, fully automated production line several years ago with Endoline, and were welcome ‘guinea pigs’ to Endoline’s innovation.

“Since the 734 was upgraded, demand on air has reduced considerably, we have removed three air cylinders, which has made a dramatic improvement to noise emissions.”  Comments Joe Fox, Packing Centre Engineer at Bird Bros.

Endoline can upgrade all existing customers 734 machines to this new system.