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Endoline’s energy efficient case sealing solution enables egg packer to increase production

Endoline Machinery’s 704 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer, launched just last year, has been installed within The Lakes Free Range Egg Company (The Lakes) – due to growing pressure for the Cumbria based company to pack eggs within longer than standard cases. Endoline re-engineered its flagship, 704 case sealer in a direct response to increasing […]

Endoline brings industry 4.0 compatible, fully random case sealer to Europe

In response to manufacturer calls for flexible, future proof, end-of-line machinery, Endoline has re-engineered its 704 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer, which will be showcased at the forthcoming Emballage Show (Stand 6 D 081). With the integration of several design features, the Industry 4.0 compatible 704 can now manage an unprecedented range of case styles […]

On the road to Industry 4.0 – the future of end of line machinery

Increased demand on food manufacturers for high quality products, and traceability at a greater rate of output, has led to the wide-spread adoption of industry 4.0 compatible end of line automation.   While originally hesitant to integrating industry 4.0 into their production lines, food manufacturers are quickly realising how the fourth industrial revolution can support […]

PPMA SHOW 2018 – Endoline re-engineers flagship random sealer to meet manufacturer case challenges

In response to manufacturer calls for flexible, future proof, end-of-line machinery, Endoline will unveil, at the forthcoming PPMA Show (Stand C52), its re-engineered 704 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer, which can now manage an unprecedented range of case styles and sizes, meeting all current health and safety regulations. Since its creation in the early 90’s, […]

Electric systems takes the pressure off pneumatics

It’s an exercise in over-simplification to say pneumatic systems are the best choice for providing lower cost equipment and speed, while a servo driven system is best for high speed and positioning accuracy. The trade-offs are many, including cost of ownership, access to air supply, speed requirements and operating environment. Once an application is defined, specifications need […]

Endoline upgrades flagship sealer to help manufacturers meet efficiency goals

In a direct bid to offer customers greater energy efficiency, Endoline Machinery have re-engineered one of its flagship random case sealers with a linear actuator system, reducing air consumption, which could ultimately reduce running costs and significantly cut a manufacturer’s carbon footprint and noise emission. Over recent years, manufactures have significantly increased their investment in […]

Blog post – Automation Stepping Stones for SME’s

According to recent reports, confidence amongst UK SME’s has grown in the first quarter of the year, with a third expecting performance to improve even further in the next three months, and over 50% planning to expand their operations.* SMEs are a large and integral part of the UK’s economy, with over 99% of all […]

Fresh food SME doubles output with first time automation

An SME producing fresh vegetarian foods doubled its capacity after semi-automating its production facility with Endoline Machinery.  Putting automation down to ‘simple arithmetic’ the owner of Ramona’s Kitchen – which churns out 50 tonnes of Mediterranean inspired produce a month – achieved a return on her investment within 12 months, and is encouraging other SME’s […]