Endoline launches eco-friendly sealing solutions

Directly responding to increasing calls for automation which supports its customers objectives to drive down plastic, Endoline showcased a case sealer with 100% recyclable paper tape at the PPMA Total show.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited tape, which will now be an available option across all Endoline systems, falls below the plastic tax threshold and will help customers significantly drive down plastic usage.

Alongside the 714 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer, which has been fitted with the recyclable kraft paper tape, Endoline also highlighted its 248 Fully Automatic High Speed Case Erector, which has been engineered to seal cases with hot melt glue rather than tape.

While utilising glue sealing alternatives can significantly reduce plastic consumption for manufacturers, it also helps drive down material waste as 2 square inches of adhesive glue will close an average size box compared with over 200 square inches of tape.

For over 40 years, Endoline has designed and engineered systems to meet the direct needs of its customers, from speed and flexibility, to driving down noise emissions and energy consumption.

“We have seen a significant uplift in customers seeking sealing options which supports their ambitions to cut plastic use,” comments Andrew Yates, Managing Director of Endoline. “As a result, we have explored alternative methods to offer our customers the best possible glue and sealing options to meet their needs and we are delighted that both of these solutions will be showcased at the PPMA Total Show.”

In addition to meeting manufacturers sustainability objectives, the 714 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer also responds to growing calls for systems to manage a range of case sizes.

“We are seeing increasing numbers of new automation adopters demanding systems which are capable of sealing an assortment of case sizes,” Andrew comments. “Traditionally the mainstay of e-commerce organisations and snack manufacturers, we are now witnessing demand for random systems filter into the mainstream as companies struggle to recruit manual workers.”

Capable of sealing random cases down to a height of just 110mm, the 714 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer enables the operator to seal cases of different dimensions in any order with no manual adjustment at speeds of up to 11 cases per minute.

The 714 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer

Endoline is demonstrating the capabilities of 100% recyclable Kraft tape

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