Endoline’s case sealing solution for Kirsty’s free-from ready meal brand

Endoline Automation has installed a 610, Semi-Automatic Pre-Set Case Sealer within free-from ready meal brand, Kirsty’s, brand new factory.

In what is believed to be the first dedicated allergen-free ready meal factory, Kirsty’s ready meals are sold throughout supermarkets in the UK. Moving into the Yorkshire based factory – which has the capacity to produce 20 million meals a year – in 2020, the company contacted Endoline to help begin the automation process.

Built to a compact footprint, the simple to operate, 610 semi-automatic pre-set case sealer simultaneously tapes the top and bottom of a filled case.

Suitable for long production runs of the same case size, the 610 automates what is usually a labour-intensive operation and offers an entry level step into automation.

Providing automation for companies around the world, from large blue-chip organisations to SME’s, Endoline Automation’s flexible, high-spec solutions can be customised to meet a company’s exact needs.

610 – Semi-Automatic Pre-set Case Taper

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