Endoline Automation launches case packing technology for snacks market

A new, fully automated Case Packer system, launched by Endoline Automation, is assisting snack processors and packers automate within compact spaces.

The Case Packer, which combines case erecting, packing, and sealing technology within one system, has been engineered to pack a range of different snack products – from pillow bags to flat bottomed bags/pouches and PET bottles.

An all in one system, the Case Packer is a cost effective alternative to installing a trio of individual machines, and has been engineered in response to rising demand from snack manufacturers who are increasingly looking to automate their packing lines, to reduce footprint, and to move away from manual labour.

With precise product handling at speeds of 12 cases per minute, the Case Packer receives single products from an infeed conveyor, groups them according to the programmed pattern on a loading platform, before lowering them into a formed case below, the filled case is then automatically closed and sealed on the top and bottom with tape.

Suitable for the packing of multi-bags of crisps, pouches of dried fruits and nuts, and PET bottles of drinks – the Case Packer system can be customised to suit specific demands, and reprogrammed for the packing of different products, formats, and quantities.

Industry 4.0 compatible technology integrated within the Case Packer can capture and make data readily available for use in “live” decision making scenarios.

The compact design also makes it the ideal solution for production areas with limited available space as the full system is in one frame, rather than having three separate machines, therefore drastically reducing footprint.

The Case Packer combines Endoline’s market leading erecting and sealing systems with case packing technology all integrated into one machine. “Endoline works with globally recognised food and beverage manufacturers, so we are aware of the increasing demand for fully automated systems which will increase efficiency, while taking up a reduced amount of floor space.

 Snacks manufacturers in particular are seeking flexible systems which can handle different packaging materials.” Andrew Yates, Sales Director of Endoline Automation explains. “We have re-engineered our case erectors and sealers to meet expectations for compact, flexible systems, but by incorporating case packing we are now able to offer a complete end of line solution.”

Industry 4.0 compatible technology integrated within the Case Packer can capture and make data readily available for use in “live” decision making scenarios

Endoline’s Case Packer, which combines erecting, packing, and sealing technology, dramatically reduces factory footprint as it is built within one frame

Snack manufacturers require flexibility with their end of line systems to manage a range of packaging styles

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